Our Enduring Landmark

To commemorate the Geneva Office Building & Powerhouse’s 119th anniversary, we’re doing an e-comic giveaway.

“Our Enduring Landmark,” a limited-edition full-color zine about the building’s history, was first published in 2017 by Ingleside-based illustrator Neil Ballard. The project stemmed from a seven-part series that ran in the Ingleside-Excelsior Light neighborhood newspaper.

Ballard, now a member of the FGOB&P Board of Directors, will give away digital copies of the zine.

“Creating a history in comics of this truly unique building was a pleasure,” Ballard said. “I’m grateful to Alex Mullaney for publishing it in The Light, where it reached a receptive and savvy audience when it first ran, and I am excited to share it with those who may not have seen it the first time around, or who did not get a chance to read the story in its entirety.”