Built at a time when San Francisco’s streetcars were drawn by horses, the massive Geneva Office Complex and Powerhouse was constructed to serve the City’s first electrified streetcar line in 1901. The building survived the devastating 1906 earthquake, and served the City’s transportation system until the next big one in 1989. Since that time the building has sat unused at the corner of San Jose and Geneva avenues — the very heart of a diverse neighborhood filled with families and youth.


The Friends of the Geneva Car Barn and Powerhouse has been a dogged advocate for the historic landmark and its potential use as a community center. The Friends have brought millions of dollars of services to the City in preparation of its renovation and future utilization by working with the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department, local organizations, civic leaders, and private individuals. The Friends are eager to transform this historic landmark into a vibrant home for community, art, learning, job training, and more. Sign up for our email newsletter to stay informed.