Here’s what you need to know about the Geneva Car Barn and Powerhouse:


Built at a time when San Francisco’s streetcars were drawn by horses, the massive Geneva Office Complex and Powerhouse was constructed to serve the City’s first streetcar line in 1901. The building survived a major earthquake a mere five years later, and served the City’s transportation system until the next big one in 1989. Since that time the building has sat unused at the corner of San Jose and Geneva Avenues—the very heart of a diverse neighborhood filled with families and youth.


In a group effort between the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department, local organizations, civic leaders, and private individuals, we are working to transform this historic landmark into a vibrant home for community, art, learning, job training, and more. Join us.


The future of the neighborhood starts here.



The Powerhouse Art Center will become a new cultural hub and GCB_logo_Red_RGBneighborhood center for southern San Francisco. The center will feature diverse arts programming and instruction for youth to explore creative pursuits, develop job and life skills, and build a community.